Lucy Deutsch, a child Holocaust survivor is devoted to inspire others which she still practices daily, a design she created for herself to live by. For the past 30 years, she has become an accomplished novelist, poet, playwright, screenplay and song writer. She has successfully balanced her fine leather goods manufacturing business of 25 years known as, “Lutci of California” with her creative works, but her primary love is writing.

Born in Irsava 1930 Czechoslovakia, Ms. Deutsch now resides in Los Angeles . A mother with 2 children, Michael and Lisa, she is now a grandmother living out the American dream. She finds that her inner source of creativity is so overwhelming; it constantly reinforces her quest to continue writing.

Now retired from her manufacturing business, she has a positive mission ahead, which is to bring to the public, awareness about her creative works. She wrote a song during the 1991 Persian Gulf War Crisis, “The Proud American”, for which she appeared on CNN. She received a personal thank-you letter from General N. Norman Schwarzkopf for it.

Ready to lend a hand at lecturing on the atrocities that existed in death camps during World War II, she spoke at Hadassah, the Anti-Defamation League and B’nai B’rith. In addition, she spoke at many schools, like the high school in Salt Lake City , or Lancaster where the children were very eager to learn about a child’s fight for life in the Holocaust.

Her recent works include a stage play, “No Time to Weep”; it’s about a child’s journey from the Holocaust to a victorious later life. She also completed several screenplays, “The Tool”, somewhat of a science-fiction setting about a futuristic medical invention. “Alliance By Design”, a story about the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, “The Mission From Onius”, a science fiction story where scientists from different planets search for the secret of human inherent evil, for which she wrote the novel and screenplay. Most currently, she wrote, “Innocence in the Devil’s Jaw”, a story involving a Jewish child from the Holocaust and a Hitler youth from Berlin , for which she wrote the novel and screenplay.

Ms. Deutsch’s other works that gained notoriety were a stage play titled, “I Remember” profiled in Variety magazine on April 10, 1992, upon which Director, Robert Wise, showed a great deal of interest. She was awarded the Silver Award at the Philadelphia Film Festival and the International Association of Motion Pictures and Television Producer’s Inc. in July 2000 for an outside musical presentation, “The Street Singers”, for which she was the Executive Producer.

Adding to her writing memoirs, she a published autobiography book titled, “Shattered Childhood” for which she also wrote a screenplay. She is also well-known throughout the poetry circles of Los Angeles and is a member of Beyond Baroque, a literature of arts organization in Los Angeles . She was a weekly reader for “Poetry in Motion” at Café Largo, the Electric Café and numerous other poetry groups which she has frequented with her poetry throughout Los Angeles .

Ms. Deutsch lost her Mother, Father and 3 siblings in the Holocaust. Still a child, she became an orphan and learned early to fend for herself, but never with revenge. She made peace with pain and suffering in Auschwitz , so the future holds no surprises.

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  1. My sister and I met you tonight at Beit T’Shuvah services. We really enjoyed your reading of what you had wrote about “addicted to life” You are an inspiration and we feel very blessed to have met you. Thank you for sharing with us.

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